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Slonim Art Products Factory produces the following types of products:

Sewing products:
- Belarusian embroidered linen.
- Women's, men's and children's clothes from linen fabric.
- Dining, tea and bedding.
- Special clothing, including work coats, work suits, insulated work jackets, semi-overalls, mittens, etc.
Souvenir products:
- Wood products:
- Volumetric woodcarving, incl. Souvenirs: bison, storks, herons, eagles, etc.
- Decorative furniture (hangers, newspaper racks, flower stands, umbrella stands, serving tables, etc.).
Wood products are made from aspen, alder, birch, linden.

Souvenir products and some garments approved as artistic crafts are not subject to value added tax in accordance with 1.15 of paragraph 1 of Article 94 of the Tax Code of the Republic of Belarus (special part) dated December 29, 2009 No. 71-3.

A general idea of ​​the products manufactured by our enterprise can be obtained by looking at the product catalog or by downloading the price list
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