Where can I buy our products?

n the company store "Souvenir"

Located at:

Slonim city, st. Brest, 40.

Grodno region,  Republic of Belarus

Phone: +375 (01562) 6-59-19


Store Hours:

Winter season

Tue.-Fri.:  From 09.00 to 18.00 - without lunch break
Saturday:  from 09.00 to 15.00 without lunch break
Weekends:  Sunday, Monday.

Summer season

Tue.-Fri.:  From 09.00 to 18.00 -  without lunch break
Saturday:  from 09.00 to 15.00 without lunch break
Weekends:  Sunday, Monday.

 And of course, our products can be purchased in large stores in the cities of Belarus:

Brest region 

Baranavichy town of KUTP "Trade House" Rainbow ", Sovetskaya St., 65                        

Baranavichy FE Shop "ELVA" Mitskevich St., 2
Brest OAO "Brest Central Department Store", avenue named after P.M. Masherov, 17                

Brest GUK "Brest region. social-cultural center  "Skarbnitsa"   54 Sovetskaya St.

the village of Kamenyuki GPUNP "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" Brest region                          

Vitebsk region

Vitebsk OJSC “Vitebsk department store” Zamkovaya St., 19                          
Vitebsk RUE “Orsha Flax Mill” mag. "Vitebsk Flax", pr-t. Moskovsky, 8

Vitebsk RUPTP "Orsha Flax Mill" mag. No. 2 "Vitebsk Flax" 6/11 Kirova St.                         

Orsha town of RUPTP "Orshansky Flax Mill" company store, 24 Tekstilshchik Ave.

Orsha JSC "Orsha House of Trade", pl. Central, 2                      

The Grodno region 

Grodno CJSC “Grodnotorgservice” Фl No. 1 ТД “Batoria”, St. Batoria St., 10                       

Grodno OJSC "Trading House" Neman ", Sovetskaya St., 18

Grodno city State Technical University "Kupalinka", Dzerzhinsky St., 113B                   

Grodno IP Sadovsky, Indurskoye Shosse, 30/5 store-warehouse No. 3, Yuzhny market

Grodno city State Unitary Enterprise "Trade", Dzerzhinsky St., 94A                    

Grodno, RUE “Trading House“ Vostochny ”St. K. Marx, 31

Grodno TOAO “Grodno Kultorg” Pushkin St., 37a                         
Grodno ChTUP Mikhalchik, St. Fomicheva, 4 a

Grodno UE “Haberdashery”, Ozerskoye Highway, 24                      
g. Grodno RUE “Orsha Flax Mill”, mag. No. 5 st. Gorky, 91

Grodno LLC "hut mastaka", Sovetskaya St., 13                        

Grodno LLC "Gallery at the maystra" ul.Kirova, 8

Grodno, IP Veremeenko, Kram "Admetnastst" ul.Kirova, 3                            

Volkovysk RUDTP "Spadchyna - Volkovysk" st. Zheludeva, 33A                       

city ​​of Lida UKP mag. No. 1 "House of Trade" Leninsky St., 14                        

Lida, UKP shopping center "Potsdam" 4, Letnaya St. OJSC "Lidanefteprodukt"     

Slonim, LLC Trading House Prestige, Lenin St., 17                           

Slonim OJSC "1000 little things", st. Brest, 81                       

Slonim, JSC "Homeware", st. School, 4A                        

Slonim OJSC "White Daisy", Kossovsky str., 100                 

Slonim, Stationery OJSC, Lenin St., 8                            

Minsk Region

Minsk City State Pedagogical University "Belkhudozhpromysly"                    

Minsk TKUP "Department store" Belarus ", st. .Zhilunovich

Minsk city TRUP "Kirmash", avenue Dzerzhinsky, 100                  

Minsk TRUP "Kirmash" Independence Avenue, 19

Minsk city OJSC "GUM", Independence Avenue, 21                  

Minsk OJSC “TSUM”, Independence Avenue, 54

Minsk, LLC Trading House On Nemiga, st. Nemiga, 8                           

Minsk CJSC Lyanka shop 46 Independence Ave.

Minsk "Trade" st. Platonova, 36                       

Minsk city GU RKPC UD st. Oktyabrskaya, 5

Minsk city magician "Belarusian Flax", shopping center "Capital" average level, Pav. 520 square. Independence 3-2                  

Minsk city magician "Belarusian Flax" № 2, st. Filimonova, 45

Minsk, ODO "Veronika" 38, Pritytsky St.                       

Minsk city RUE “Vostochny Trading House”, Zhilunovich St., 15 and Uruchskaya St., 14a

Minsk state of emergency "Slavutast", "Trinity suburb" st. Bogdanovich, 21                     

Minsk city RUE "Belposhta", Independence Avenue, 10 (online store)
Minsk TRUE "Dipmarket" National Airport Minsk-2           

Minsk LLC "Upakreyd", magician. "Vyaselka" Aerolromnaya, 2 cor. Used letter 0

Minsk, "Belkhudozhkeramika"  Shopping Center "Capital" pov 408, magician "Ceramics"    pl. Independence, 2                    

Minsk city ChTUP "Lermina" TC "Capital" transition 9, mag. "Sundress"     pl. Independence, 2 
g. Minsk Helena Valeri LLC, sector 5-6,                          National Airport Minsk-2           

Minsk shopping center "Mirror" Shop of Belarusian ethno-goods  pov. 59 In the street Vera Horuzhey, 6b 

Minsk region Dzerzhinsky district of LLC Service Center Vesta                                                     

Slutsk CJSC Trading House Ulasova, 5a

Slutsk CUP Department store "Slutsk" Lenin St., 175                          

Salihorsk JSC Department Store "Salihorsk" Lenin St., 39

Soligorsk Saligorsktorg OJSC, Leninsky Komsomol St., 44             
; Nesvizh State Institution "National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve" Nesvizh 

 Mogilev region

Mogilev RUPTP "Orsha Flax Mill", mag. No. 4, st.Lazarenko, 73b                        

 URPP " Slonim factory of art products " invites to cooperation :

  • trading enterprises and individual entrepreneurs with the aim of selling women's clothing, bedding and table linen, souvenir products from wood and straw;
  • manufacturing and other enterprises in order to place orders for the production of special and uniform clothes (dressing gowns, suits, jackets (also insulated), semi-overalls (also insulated), etc.

For wholesale supply, please contact the marketing and sales department: tel. - 8 (01562) 6-59-21, 6-59-26

e-mail: slonimfhi@mail.grodno.by

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State Enterprise "Slonim Factory of Art Products"
231799, Brestskaya str, 40,
Slonim, Grodno region
INN: 50004110
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Inspection Ministry of Tax Collections in Slonim district
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